A Long Lasting Collaboration

A long-lasting and healthy collaboration can be a powerful commodity in the arts. As a composer I have been lucky enough to cross collaborative paths with some incredible artists. These relationships help to remind me that mutual creative experiences can be much more rewarding than anything I do on my own. Finding special collaborative partners allows me to deeply honour and respect the artistic spaces I share with others. Collaboration has provided me with the tools so that I may continue to improve upon my personal architecture – a structure that supports openness, appreciation, and commitment when varying artistic voices come into contact and resonate with my own manner of expression. These relationships have taught me that collaboration, at its essence, isn’t simply about outcomes or benefits – it is about shared values and harmonious contribution.

One of the collaborators with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with that embodies these values at their most wonderful quality would be violinist Véronique Mathieu. Véronique is an artist possessing superlative talent and musicianship. I have been given the unthinkable gift as a composer – to work with Véronique on numerous projects over the years. This includes the performance of large ensemble pieces to smaller chamber works, several world premieres, recording a CD, and even performing together on stage. We have collaborated in many contexts – moments that have shaped and defined my work as a composer and as a musician.

The premiere of my new piece, Afterglow, is a special occasion indeed. It is a large-scale work for orchestra and solo violin written especially for Véronique as soloist. It is our largest collaboration to date, and I am beyond thankful to Alex Pauk and the Esprit Orchestra for giving us the space and the opportunity to realize this project. Afterglow is inspired by the coloristic effects produced by scattered dust particles in the atmosphere, but it is also about other things. It is an exposed image garnered from the luminous effects of mutual artistic experience. I very much hope to share my new piece, and my ongoing collaboration with Véronique, with those able to come on December first.


Blog Written by:
Adam Scime

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear the World Premiere of Adam Scime’s new work, Afterglow, as performed by Véronique Mathieu as violin soloist!

Sunday December 1, 2019

8:00pm Concert | 7:15pm Pre-Concert Chat | Koerner Hall,
TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning,
273 Bloor St. W.

Concert Photos by Malcolm Cook