• Sunday February 12, 2017
    8:00pm Concert / 7:15pm Pre-Concert Chat
  • Koerner Hall,
    The Royal Conservatory of Music,
    273 Bloor St. W


  • José Evangelista (Canada)
    Accelerando (2016)
  • Analia Llugdar (Canada)
    El canto del viento (2017)**
  • Conlon Nancarrow (Mexico/U.S.A.)
    Piece No. 2 for Small Orchestra (1985)*
  • John Rea (Canada)
    Survivance (2017)***
  • Adam Scime (Canada)
    Surfacing (2017)**

*Canadian Premiere
**World Premiere commissioned by Esprit with generous support from The Koerner Foundation
***World Premiere commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on behalf of the Esprit Orchestra, in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

Adventure and discovery come with premiering new works. Along with the new pieces by Llugdar, Scime, and Rea, Evangelista’s Accelerando, being premiered by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in November 2016, is also new. Nancarrow, famous for complex player piano pieces not playable by humans, is represented by an orchestral gem that can be performed by Esprit’s excellent musicians. Llugdar, composing as though she is inside sound, aims at expression through complex textures, many contrasts and extremes in the same piece. Scime’s piece is a new panel of a triptyque for Esprit.

Artists and repertoire subject to change without notice.

Concert Sponsor

The Max Clarkson Family Foundation

Llugdar and Scime world premieres commissioned by Esprit with generous support from:

The Koerner Foundation