• Sunday November 19, 2017
    8:00pm Concert / 7:15pm Pre-Concert Chat
  • Koerner Hall,
    The Royal Conservatory of Music,
    273 Bloor St. W.


  • Daníel Bjarnason (Iceland)
    Emergence (2011)
  • Marc-André Dalbavie (France)
    Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1996)*
  • Douglas Schmidt (Canada)
    Just a stranger here myself... (2014)**
  • Ana Sokolovic (Canada)
    Ringelspiel (2013)

*Canadian Premiere
**Previously commissioned and premiered by Esprit with funding from the Koerner Foundation

Dalbavie’s violin concerto, its spectacular virtuosity combined with distribution of the orchestra throughout the hall exhibits the full power, intellect, and engaging capacity of his music.

In Just a stranger here myself…, the idiosyncratic Schmidt delivers a panorama of musical episodes immersing listeners in dreams of world-wide places that have influenced his music.

Sokolovic’s Ringelspiel (German for merry-go-round) evocatively inundates listeners with brilliantly inventive orchestration and effects to depict recollections of childhood.

With its cinematic feel, Bjarnason’s Emergence sweeps the listener up in a kind of daydream that reflects the composer’s wide-ranging experience working in pop and classical new music fields.

Artists and repertoire subject to change without notice.

Concert Sponsor

The Max Clarkson Family Foundation