• Sunday November 20, 2016
    8:00 pm Concert / 7:15 Pre-Concert Chat
  • Koerner Hall,
    The Royal Conservatory of Music,
    273 Bloor St. W


  • George Crumb (U.S.A.)
    A Haunted Landscape (1984)*
  • Marc-André Dalbavie (France)
    Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2013)*
  • Zosha Di Castri (Canada)
    Alba (2011)
  • Philippe Leroux (Canada/France)
    m'M (2003)

*Canadian Premiere

“M” represents the phonetic sense of “love” in the French language, and in Leroux’s work, a concerto grosso, “m” represents the little orchestra and “M” the big orchestra. Alba reflects dawn in winter on the prairies of Northern Alberta, calling up “the majestic beauty in this quilted silence and stunning flatness”. Dalbavie’s cello concerto demands a wide range of virtuosic playing and confirms this composer’s musical genius. Crumb’s work creates almost ritualistic sonic impressions expressing that certain places on Earth “are imbued with an aura of mystery” and of ancient histories that still penetrate contemporary consciousness.

Artists and repertoire subject to change without notice.