• Wednesday November 28, 2018
    8:00pm Concert / 7:15pm Pre-Concert Chat
  • Koerner Hall,
    TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning,
    273 Bloor St. W.


  • Anna Thorvaldsdottir (Iceland)
    Dreaming (2008)*
  • Alexina Louie (Canada)
    Take the Dog Sled (2008)
  • R. Murray Schafer (Canada)
    North/White (1973)

*Canadian Premiere

In North/White, a snowmobile in the percussion section is counterbalanced by Schafer’s sonic portrayal of the mythic, splendid, indestructible idea of North – spacious, pure, temptationless. Louie’s Take the Dog Sled captures the joy, tenderness and energy of life in the arctic, the mystical quality of the land and the humour of the Inuit through its embrace of original throat songs by a Western instrumental ensemble. Thorvaldsdottir’s Dreaming, a refined, meditative, richly detailed musical embroidery, is like a mysterious shifting landscape bringing time to a halt – like in dreams.

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On cue from the conductor, press play on one of the links below to hear one of the snowmobile sounds at the appropriate moment during the concert.

Schafer Snowmobile Sounds #1:


Schafer Snowmobile Sounds #2:


Snowmobiles used in this concert’s performance are generously provided by:

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